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ICMA Credentialed Managers and Candidates

The following 1402 members have earned the ICMA-CM (ICMA Credentialed Manager) or the ICMA Credentialed Manager Candidate designation as part of the ICMA Voluntary Credentialing Program. Candidates are members who are within two years of meeting the criteria. When the experience requirement is met, these members will become ICMA Credentialed Managers. The designation indicates that a member is qualified by a combination of education and experience, adherence to high standards of integrity, and an assessed commitment to continuous learning and professional development. To maintain the credential, members must submit an annual report describing 40 hours of professional development during the previous year. Please direct inquiries to jjackson@icma.org.

United States


Ashley R. Wooten, County Manager, County of McDowell

Alabama (6)

Kevin A. Cowper
Sam S. Gaston, City Manager, City of Mountain Brook
Brian L. Johnson
Werner B. Muenger (Candidate)
Mark E. Tyner, County Administrator, County of Bibb
Timothy John Westhoven, Assistant Executive Director, City of Hoover

Alaska (4)

John J. Duffy
Stephen D. Giesbrecht
Mark A. Lynch, City Manager, City of Whittier
George J. Vakalis, Municipal Manager, Municipality of Anchorage

Arizona (44)

Julie Ayers
Patrick S. Banger
Edward Beasley (Retired)
Fritz A. Behring, City Manager, City of Scottsdale
Fredrick M. Buss
Greg Caton
Justin T. Clifton
Toby R. Cotter
Susan Daluddung, Deputy City Manager, City of Peoria
Gilbert Davidson
Shane D. Dille, City Manager, City of Nogales
Milton R. Dohoney, Assistant City Manager, City of Phoenix
Eric A. Duthie
Brenda S. Fischer
David W. Fitzhugh
Robert F. Flatley, City Manager, City of Coolidge
Dana P. Hlavac, Court Administrator, City of Las Vegas
W. Calvin Horton (Retired)
Mary E. Jacobs, Assistant City Manager, City of Sierra Vista
James G. Jayne, County Manager, County of Navajo
Pamela Kavanaugh (Retired)
Yvonne Kimball
Jenna R. Kohl
John Kross
Michael D. Letcher (Retired)
Gayle L. Mabery, Town Manager, Town of Clarkdale
Timothy G. Pickering
Bryant Powell, City Manager, City of Apache Junction
William A. Pupo (Retired)
Gregory Rose, City Manager, City of Maricopa
James C. Rumpeltes, Economic Development Director, City of Litchfield Park
Cynthia Seelhammer, County Manager, County of Coconino
Horatio Skeete
Robert E. Smith
Carl Swenson
David S. Teel
James Thompson, City Manager, City of Casa Grande
Jeff Tyne
L. Kelly Udall, Town Manager, Town of Sahuarita
Ana M. Urquijo, Deputy City Manager, City of Douglas
Jerene Watson (Retired)
Paul A. Wenbert
Judy Weter
Terry L. Zerkle (Retired)

Arkansas (3)

Bryan Day, Executive Director, Little Rock Port Authority
Jeffrey W. Dingman, Deputy City Administrator, City of Fort Smith
Raymond W. Gosack

California (88)

Richard C. Ambrose (Retired)
James W. Antonen (Retired)
Thomas Bakaly, City Manager, City of Hermosa Beach
Robert Bell
Frank I. Benest (Retired)
Paul V. Berlant (Retired)
David Biggs, City Manager, City of Hercules
Rob K. Braulik
Audrey J. Brown
Michael F. Brown (Retired)
Daniel P. Buckshi
Troy L. Butzlaff
Regan M. Candelario, City Manager, City of Fortuna
Scott Carroll, General Manager, Costa Mesa Sanitary District
Howard L. Chambers
Jane A. Chambers (Retired)
David M. Childs
Joe Chinn, Town Manager, Town of Ross
Arne L. Croce (Retired)
Mark A. Danaj
Frances David, City Manager, City of Hayward
John W. Donlevy, City Manager, City of Winters
Kevin C. Duggan
Ruben A. Duran
Edward P. Everett (Retired)
Michael S. Frank, City Manager, City of Novato
Thomas Frutchey, City Manager, City of Pacific Grove
Michael Garvey (Retired)
Rodney S. Gould (Retired)
Richard A. Haffey, County Executive Officer, County of Nevada
Robert E. Hickey
Wally J. Hill
Timothy M. Hults, City Manager, City of San Jacinto
Carol A. Jacobs
Gerald F. Johnson (Retired)
Daniel E. Keen
Linda Kelly, Town Manager, Town of Windsor
Kimberly A. Kerr
Steven Kroeger
Debra Kurita (Retired)
Nadine P. Levin (Retired)
James R. Lewis, City Manager, City of Pismo Beach
Brian Keith Loventhal, City Manager, City of Monte Sereno
Andrea K. Lueker
James G. Marshall (Retired)
Terry S. Matz (Retired)
Kelly R. McAdoo
Paul E. McIntosh (Retired)
Wade G. McKinney, City Manager, City of Indian Wells
Kerry L. Miller (Retired)
Bryan Hyrum Montgomery
David R. Mora
James T. Murphy (Retired)
David J. Norman
Tim O'Donnell
James B. O'Grady (Retired)
Kevin O'Rourke (Retired)
Frank J. Oviedo, Assistant City Manager, City of Santa Clarita
Evert W. Palmer
P. Michael Paules (Retired)
Jan C. Perkins
Karen E. Pinkos
Beth A. Pollard
Kenneth R. Pulskamp
Marcia L. Raines
Frank W. Robinson
Michael K. Rock
Steven R. Rogers
Sage L. Sangiacomo
Reina J. Schwartz
John F. Shirey, City Manager, City of Sacramento
John W. Slota (Retired)
Phillip D. Smith-Hanes
Catherine P. Standiford (Retired)
Susan A. Stanton, City Manager, City of Greenfield
Kurt J. Starman, City Manager, City of Redding
Scott C. Stiles, City Manager, City of Garden Grove
John W. Stinson (Retired)
Ronald Wilfred Stock (Retired)
Mary L. Strenn
Kenneth Striplin, City Manager, City of Santa Clarita
Demitrios O. Tatum (Retired)
Dianne M. Thompson
Carlos A. Urrutia (Retired)
Ellen W. Volmert
Nancy L. Watt, County Executive Officer, County of Napa
Kurt O. Wilson, City Manager, City of Stockton
Roderick J. Wood (Retired)

Colorado (46)

Mark K. Achen (Retired)
Kelly E. Arnold
Darin A. Atteberry
Kevin L. Batchelder
James L. Becklenberg
Matthew E. Birnie, County Manager, County of Gunnison
Jane S. Brautigam, City Manager, City of Boulder
Heather D. Brooks, City Manager, City of Alamosa
Kent A. Brown, Town Administrator, Town of Milliken
William D. Cahill, City Manager, City of Loveland
Justin T. Clifton
Penelope Culbreth-Graft (Retired)
Dan J. Dean, Town Manager, Town of Mead
Jeffrey L. Durbin, Town Manager, Town of Fraser
Jack B. Ethredge, City Manager, City of Thornton
Edward M. Finger (Candidate)
Jay C. Goldie, Deputy City Manager/Public Works Director, City of Cherry Hills Village
Steven B. Golnar
Shane E. Hale, City Manager, City of Cortez
Robert M. Halloran (Retired)
George T. Hayfield
Seth N. Hoffman, City Manager, City of Lone Tree
Aden E. Hogan
Laurie Kadrich, Director of Planning, Development, and Transportation, City of Fort Collins
Clinton M. Kinney, Town Manager, Town of Snowmass Village
Gary F. Klaphake, City Administrator, City of Lafayette
Ronald LeBlanc, City Manager, City of Durango
Matthew S. LeCerf, Town Manager, Town of Frederick
Matthew G. Magley, Town Manager, Town of Superior
Jeffrey J. Mihelich, Deputy City Manager, City of Fort Collins
Ronald S. Miller (Retired)
James H. Mullen (Retired)
Roy H. Otto, City Manager, City of Greeley
Rachel C Oys
John H. Patterson
Michael M. Penny
William A. Ray
Michael J. Scanlon
Gary Sears
Jason T. Slowinski
Fritz Sprague, Deputy Town Manager, Town of Castle Rock
Monty K. Torres, City Administrator, City of Brush
Scott P. Trainor, City Manager, City of Fountain
Jacqueline I. Wedding-Scott
Jeffrey A. Wells, City Manager, City of Fort Morgan (Candidate)
Roderick L. Wensing, Assistant City Manager, City of Loveland

Connecticut (14)

Garrison C. Brumback, Town Manager, Town of Southington
John A. Elsesser, Town Manager, Town of Coventry
Matthew W. Hart, Town Manager, Town of Mansfield
Roger L. Kemp
Derrik M. Kennedy, Town Manager, Town of Westerly (Candidate)
Robert E. Lee, Town Manager, Town of Plainville
Dale L. Martin, City Manager, City of Fernandina Beach
Michael A. Milone
Brandon L. Robertson, Town Manager, Town of Avon
Meredith Stengel Robson, Village Manager, Village of Ardsley
Philip K. Schenck (Retired)
William F. Smith, Town Manager, Town of Granby
Carl J. Stephani (Retired)
Joyce M. Stille, Administrative Officer, Town of Bolton

Delaware (5)

Eugene S. Dvornick, Town Manager, Town of Georgetown
Andrew S. Haines, Deputy City Manager, City of Newark
Carol S. Houck
Scott D. Koenig, City Manager, City of Dover
Carl F. Luft (Retired)

District of Columbia (2)

Kenneth L. Chandler
Robert J. O'Neill

Florida (115)

Michael L. Abels (Retired)
Sharon Michele Anselmo
Wadie Atallah
Lester B. Baird (Retired)
Betty Martin Baker (Retired)
Kelvin L. Baker
Paul A. Berg
Russell Blackburn
Mary C. Blasi, City Manager, City of Coconut Creek
Kassandra Esposito Blissett
Norton N. Bonaparte, City Manager, City of Sanford
Michael Bonfield, City Manager, City of Creedmoor
Lyndon L. Bonner
Susan R. Boyer
Pamela Brangaccio
Mr. G. Curtis Branscome (Retired)
Kurt Bressner (Retired)
Thomas E. Brobeil (Retired)
Marlon Brown, Deputy City Manager, City of Sarasota
David Bullock
Michael Cernech, City Manager, City of Tamarac
Robbie L. Chartier, County Administrator, County of Okeechobee
Donald B. Cooper (Retired)
Jamie Croteau, City Manager, City of Orange City
Michael P. Crotty (Retired)
James D. Curry (Retired)
Michael J. Czymbor
Michelle del Valle - Neuner
Alphonse R. Dixon (Retired)
James D. Drumm
Frank P. Edmunds (Retired)
Jonathan Evans
Lee Feldman
Yocelyn Galiano Gomez, Village Manager, Village of Pinecrest
Caryn Gardner-Young
Richard Gestrich, ICMA-CM, Township Manager, Township of Lower Providence
James Patrick Gleason
Susan Hann
Laura J. Hannah
Sarah Hannah-Spurlock
Jim Hanson, Town Manager, Town of Orange Park
Thomas A. Harmer
Carl Harness
David Hebert, City Manager, City of Oakland Park
Roberto Hernandez, Deputy County Administrator, County of Broward
Carrie Parker Hill (Retired)
William B. Horne, City Manager, City of Clearwater
Mark E. Johnson, City Manager, City of Minneola
Richard Kelton (Retired)
Patrick J. Kennedy, City Manager, City of Crescent City
Mark A. Kutney
James Landon, City Manager, City of Palm Coast
Robert S. LaSala (Retired)
Edward F. Lavallee
Robert E. Lee (Retired)
Kim D. Leinbach (Retired)
Jonathan R. Lewis, City Manager, City of North Port
Shannon M. Lewis, Deputy City Manager, City of Melbourne
Raymond C. Liggins
Vincent S. Long
Lee Ann Lowery, Assistant County Administrator, County of Sarasota
Dale L. Martin, City Manager, City of Fernandina Beach
Micah L. Maxwell
Horace McHugh, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Plantation
Maria A. Menendez
Florence L. Miller
Renee C. Miller, City Manager, City of Hallandale Beach
Brently G. Mims, City Manager, City of Indian Rocks Beach
Alfred A. Minner
A. William Moss
Lee A. Niblock
Frederick C. Nutt (Retired)
James O'Connor
J. A. Ojeda (Retired)
Richard L. Osborne (Retired)
Faye W. Outlaw
Ronald W. Owens (Retired)
Kenneth W. Parker (Retired)
Michael P. Pleus
Michael P. Pounds
Nydia M. Rafols, Deputy City Manager, City of Hallandale Beach
Roger J. Reinke, Assistant City Manager, City of Naples
Daniel Rosemond, Deputy City Manager/ CRA Director, City of Hallandale Beach
Kenneth C. Sauer (Retired)
David Wayne Saunders, City Manager, City of St. Pete Beach
Peter Schneider (Retired)
Carl L. Schwing, City Manager, City of Bonita Springs
Joyce A. Shanahan
Sally A. Sherman, Deputy County Administrator, County of Flagler
Gary P. Shimun
Chad C. Shoultz, Deputy City Manager/Engineering Director, City of West Melbourne (Candidate)
Jill Silverboard
Mell E. Smigielski, City Administrator, City of Mexico Beach
David R. Sollenberger (Retired)
Eric M. Soroka
Desiree C. Spence- Matthews, Deputy City Manager, City of Kissimmee
Michael J. Staffopoulos, Assistant City Manager, City of Largo
Michael H. Steigerwald
Terrance E. Stewart
Donald D. Stilwell, Town Manager, Town of Fort Myers Beach (Retired)
Larry D. Stoever (Retired)
John Stunson
Cathy Swanson-Rivenbark
Rex A. Taylor, Town Manager, Town of South Palm Beach (Retired)
Mo Thornton
Howard N. Tipton, County Administrator, County of St. Lucie
Elizabeth Ann Toney-Deal
Bill L. Veach
John Wesley White (Retired)
William R. Whitson
Sandra Renee Wilson, Deputy City Manager, City of Ocala
Oel Wingo
Anne Kelly Wright
Joseph W. Yarbrough

Georgia (53)

Bill Andrew
Keith A. Barker, City Manager, City of Clarkston
Michael B. Brown
Jerry W. Cooper, County Manager, County of Cherokee
Thomas M. Couch, County Manager, County of Bulloch
Carter Carter Crawford (Retired)
James D. Drumm
Mr. Patrick W. Eidson, Assistant City Manager, City of Rome
Michael Fischer
Mark A. Gibson, County Administrator, County of Whitfield
Samuel E. Grove
Shari S. Haldeman
Marcia Hampton, Assistant City Manager, City of Douglasville
John J. Holman, City Manager, City of St. Marys
Steve L. Howard
Ross G. Hubbard (Retired)
Stacey R. Inglis, Assistant City Manager, City of Milton
Julian L. Jackson, City Manager, City of Peachtree Corners
Terrell Jacobs
Barbara Kesler, City Manager, City of Clarkesville
John C. Klimm, City Manager, City of Aiken
Randy D. Knighton (Candidate)
Christopher J. Lagerbloom, City Manager, City of Milton
Michael W. Lamar, County Manager, County of Morgan
Keith Lee
G. Eric Linton, City Administrator, City of Dunwoody
Katherine G. Love
Jonathan A. Mantay
Robert S. McLeod (Retired)
Quentin T. McPhatter
Michael J. Melton, County Manager, County of White
Terrence R. Moore
William J. Morton (Retired)
Joseph M. Mosley
Priscilla A. Murphy
Richard L. Newbern, City Manager, City of Cochran
Alan M. Ours
Kipling D. Padgett, City Manager, Town of Wake Forest
Daniel T. Porta, Assistant City Manager, City of Cartersville
Sammy H. Rich
Robert T. Rokovitz, City Manager, City of Hiram
Tammi Saddler Jones
Diane D. Schleicher, City Manager, City of Tybee Island
William P. Shanahan
Timothy A. Shearer
Israel G. Small (Retired)
William L. Smith, County Manager, County of Chatham
Pamela K. Thompson
Dale M. Walker
Douglas B. White, City of Social Circle
William R. Whitson
Blaine H. Williams
Wayne P. Wright

Idaho (8)

David M. Childs
Thomas J. Courtney (Retired)
Shelly Enderud, City Administrator, City of Post Falls
David A. Lane
Mark A. Mitton, City Administrator, City of Burley
Gary J. Riedner
Susan Robertson, City Administrator, City of Sun Valley
Travis P. Rothweiler

Illinois (109)

Michael S. Allison (Retired)
Craig G. Anderson (Retired)
Shannon K. Andrews
James W. Arndt, City Administrator, City of Effingham
Peter B. Austin, County Administrator, County of McHenry
Ellen Jean Baer
William R. Balling
Curtis J. Barrett, Village Manager, Village of Winfield
Michael G. Bartholomew
Wally Bobkiewicz
Raymond P. Botch (Retired)
James F. Bowden
Kevin J. Bowens
Patrick M. Brennan, Village Manager, Village of Kenilworth
Bradly J. Burke
Barry A. Burton, County Administrator, County of Lake
Kurt T. Carroll
Michael J. Cassady
John M. Coakley
Scott M. Coren, City Manager, City of Highwood
John H. Crois (Retired)
Lowell Crow (Candidate)
John J. Dalicandro (Retired)
Dorothy Ann David
Walter L. Denton, City Administrator, City of O'Fallon
Mr. John F. Dixon (Retired)
Charles O. Dobbins (Retired)
John W. Downs (Retired)
Jerald P. Ducay, Administrator, Village of Frankfort
Diana A Dykstra
Jeffrey A. Fiegenschuh
Matthew J. Formica, Village Administrator, Village of Lindenhurst
Mark T. Franz, Village Manager, Village of Glen Ellyn
William J. Ganek (Retired)
Donna M. Gayden
Marian T. Gibson (Retired)
Riccardo F. Ginex, Village Manager, Village of Oak Brook
Tim Gleason (Candidate)
Anton L. Graff, City Administrator, City of Wilmington
George E. Gray
Paul G. Grimes
William L. Gruen, City Manager, City of Salem
Michael L. Guttman, City Administrator, City of West Chicago
Gary H. Hanson, County Administrator, County of De Kalb
Marc P. Huber, Assistant Village Manager/Community Development Director, Village of Carpentersville
Marc G. Hummel (Retired)
David J. Johnson
Steven A. Jones, Interim Project Manager, City of Joliet
John M. Kalmar, Village Manager, Village of Vernon Hills
Kathy S. Katz
Raymond B. Keller
Robert R. Kiely
David J. Kilbane
Philip A. Kiraly, Village Manager, Village of Glencoe
John D. Kolata
Maria Lasday
David M. Limardi
John T. Lockerby, Village Manager, Village of Skokie
Lewis R. Loebe (Retired)
Kenneth W. Marabella (Retired)
Douglas P. Martin
Gary Mayerhofer
Susan K. McLaughlin, County Administrator, County of Bureau
Oliver S. Merriam (Retired)
Michael S. Mertens
Jeffrey J. Mihelich, Deputy City Manager, City of Fort Collins
Mark Moran
James Morani
Derik Morefield, City Administrator, City of Mc Henry
Ghida S. Neukirch
David J. Niemeyer
David W. Nord
John M. Novinson (Retired)
Cole S. O'Donnell
Bartholomew A. Olson
Eric J. Palm, Village Administrator, Village of River Forest
Robert L. Palmer (Retired)
Gary E. Parrin (Retired)
Cara L. Pavlicek
John F. Perry (Retired)
Sharon L. Peterson, Assistant City Administrator, City of Countryside
Douglas J. Petroshius, Assistant Village Manager, Village of Lincolnwood
John C. Phillips (Retired)
David S. Plyman, City Manager, City of Rochelle
Stephen C. Rasmussen
Randall R. Recklaus
Albert J. Rigoni (Retired)
David M. Ross
Kathleen F. Rush
Gerald D. Sagona
Valerie L. Salmons, Village Administrator, Village of Bartlett
Keith R. Sbiral
Pietro Scalera
George J. Schafer (Candidate)
Laurel Schreiber (Retired)
Paula D. Schumacher, Assistant Village Administrator, Village of Bartlett
De'Carlon E. Seewood, Village Manager, Village of Richton Park
Jason T. Slowinski
Gerald C. Sprecher, Village Manager, Village of Lisle
Lewis J. Steinbrecher
David A. Strohl
Kenneth A. Terrinoni
Todd A. Thompson
Bradford J. Townsend
Brian A. Townsend
Steven C. Vinezeano
Ryan J. Waller
Roy T. Witherow
Dawn L. Wucki-Rossbach

Indiana (8)

Tonya Ann Galbraith
Nathan B. George
Brian W. Hartsell (Candidate)
Thomas A. Klein, Town Manager, Town of Avon
Grant A. Kleinhenz
Mark M. Levin
Ian G. Nicolini, ICMA-CM
Peter L. Olson, Town Manager, Town of Yorktown

Iowa (29)

Russell L. Behrens
Dee F. Bruemmer, County Administrator, County of Scott
Steven T. Diers, City Administrator, City of Charles City
James A. Ferneau, City Manager, City of Burlington
David R. Fierke, City Manager, City of Fort Dodge
Dan L. Gifford, City Administrator, City of West Burlington
Elizabeth Ann Hansen
Kelly J. Hayworth, City Administrator, City of Coralville
Ryan C. Heiar, City Administrator, City of North Liberty
Dennis T. Henderson, City Manager, City of Clive
Brent D. Hinson, City Administrator, City of Washington
Mark A. Jackson
Andrew J. Lent
Steven M. Lindner
Craig Malin
Greggory J. Mandsager, City Administrator, City of Muscatine
Thomas M. Markus, City Manager, City of Iowa City
Mick J. Michel, City Administrator, City of Dyersville
Matthew S. Muckler, City Administrator, City of West Branch (Candidate)
Marketa George Oliver, City Manager, City of Norwalk
James H. Patrick, City Manager, City of Storm Lake
Scott D. Peterson
Lon D. Pluckhahn, City Manager, City of Marion
Albert W. Roder
Brent D. Trout
Michael C. Van Milligen
Timothy J. Vick
Chris A. Ward
Randy A. Wetmore, City Administrator, City of Marshalltown

Kansas (36)

Matt Allen
Mark F. Arbuthnot (Retired)
Bret Bauer, City Manager, City of Holton
Quinn B. Bennion
John Deardoff
Toby R. Dougherty, City Manager, City of Hays
Bernice T. Duletski (Retired)
Jason A. Gage
Richard D. Gale (Retired)
Cheryl L. Harrison-Lee
Nickolaus J. Hernandez
Kent L. Hixson, City Administrator, City of Mulvane
Raymond J. Hummert
Timothy R. Johnson, Assistant City Manager, City of Newton
George R. Kolb (Retired)
Arthur T. Lasher, City Manager, City of Bel Aire
John G. Manahan (Retired)
Gary L. Meagher, County Administrator, County of Reno
Bradley J. Mears (Retired)
Jonathan C. Mitchell, City Manager, City of Hoisington
Melissa Mundt, Assistant County Administrator, Unified Government of Wyandotte County-Kansas City
Richard U. Nienstedt, City Manager, City of Ottawa
Randall H. Partington
Penny Postoak Ferguson
Randall K. Riggs, City Manager, City of Newton
Kathleen B. Sexton
Susan E. Sherman
Brian W. Silcott, City Administrator, City of Goddard
Carl E. Slaugh
Laura Smith, City Administrator, City of Mission
Matthew T. Stiles (Candidate)
Diane Stoddard, Interim City Manager, City of Lawrence
Greg R. Sund, Director of Public Works, City of Hays
Gerry A. Vernon, Capital Improvements Director, City of Merriam
Jeremy T. Willmoth (Candidate)
Dianna S. Wright, Director of Resource Management, City of Olathe

Kentucky (7)

Jeffrey S. Earlywine, County Administrator, County of Boone
William H. Fisher (Retired)
David L. Holmes
Gary W. Huff (Retired)
Nathaniel W. Pagan
Roger W. Rolfes (Retired)
Tim A. Zisoff, City Manager, City of Frankfort

Maine (5)

Richard C. Bates, Town Manager, Town of Rockport
James A. Bennett, City Manager, City of Biddeford
William R. Bridgeo
Bertrand N. Kendall (Retired)
Barry A. Tibbetts, Town Manager, Town of Kennebunk

Maryland (15)

Laura S. Allen
Michelle E. Bailey-Hedgepeth, Executive Secretary of the Board of Liquor License Commissioners for Baltimore, City of Baltimore
Russell W. Blake (Retired)
Loré L. Chambers (Candidate)
John C. Craig, Deputy City Manager, City of Rio Rancho
Kenneth Decker
Scott A. Hancock
Eugene T. Lauer (Retired)
Barbara Burns Matthews
Douglas R. Miller, City Manager, City of Aberdeen
John E. Moss, Town Administrator, Town of Bladensburg
Jeffrey D. Rhodes
Scott Somers
Tony Tomasello
Graham L. Waters

Massachusetts (23)

Richard M. Brown, Town Administrator, Town of Somerset
David G. Cressman
Roberta L. Crosbie, Town Manager, Town of Ipswich
Kate P. Fitzpatrick, Town Manager, Town of Needham
Leon A. Gaumond, Town Administrator, Town of Sturbridge
Heather B. Harper, Assistant Town Manager, Town of Falmouth
William F. Ketcham, Town Administrator, Town of Wrentham
Robert C. Lawton (Retired)
James J. Malloy, Town Manager, Town of Westborough
Tony Mazzucco, Town Administrator, Town of Adams (Candidate)
Timothy P. McInerney, Town Administrator, Town of Grafton
Kimberly Darigan Newman
Brian M. Palaia
Richard T. Reed, Town Manager, Town of Bedford
Blythe C. Robinson
Christopher G. Senior, Town Manager, Town of Cohasset
Paul Shew
James A. Smith
Julian M. Suso
Frederic E. Turkington
Carl F. Valente, Town Manager, Town of Lexington
Donna S. VanderClock, Town Manager, Town of Weston
Patricia A. Vinchesi

Michigan (56)

Scott A. Adkins
Randall D. Altimus, Assistant City Manager, City of Eastpointe
Peter E. Auger, City Manager, City of Novi
Robert V. Belleman
Paul J. Brake, City Manager, City of Grand Blanc
Adam J. Brown
Robert J. Bruner
John M. Burt, County Administrator, County of Otsego
Randall D. Byrne (Retired)
Todd J. Campbell
Victor Cardenas
William D. Cargo, Township Manager, Township of Grand Haven
Ryan D. Cotton, City Manager, City of Holland
John H. Daly
Peter J. Dame
Mitchell D. Deisch
Daryl J. Delabbio
Timothy J. Dolehanty, Controller/Administrator, County of Ingham
Darnell Earley (Retired)
Dana W. Foster
Anton S. Gardner (Retired)
Robert A. Hamilton (Retired)
Michael A. Hart, City Manager, City of Davison (Candidate)
Michael S. Herman (Retired)
Mark A. Howe
Michael L. Hughes
Edward B. Koryzno (Retired)
George Lahanas
Jeffery B. Lawson
Jon J. Lynch, City Manager, City of Midland
Melissa Russell Marsh, Deputy City Manager, City of Madison Heights
Patrick J. McGinnis, City Manager, City of Grand Haven
John B. Michrina, City Manager/Clerk, City of Southfield
Phillip J. Moore
Jeffrey L. Mueller, Executive Recruiter, Michigan Municipal League
Margaret E. Mullendore
Benjamin I. Myers
Anthony W. Nowicki
Michael R. Overton, County Controller/Administrator, County of Jackson
Joyce A. Parker (Retired)
James K. Ritsema
Michael D. Selden, City Manager, City of Wayland
John E. Shay, City Manager, City of Ludington
Stephen J. Sobers
Robert F. Stalker
George J. Strand
Mary K. Swanson, Assistant County Administrator, County of Kent
Erik Tungate
Alan G. Vanderberg
Patrick B. Waterman, City Manager, City of Hudsonville
Kevin M. Welch
James T. Wickman
Eric B. Wiederhold
Chris D. Wilson, Village Manager, Village of Beverly Hills
Timothy R. Wolff
Mark Wollenweber (Retired)

Minnesota (43)

Michael M. Brethorst
Dave Callister
Mark S. Casey
Daniel J. Donahue (Retired)
James T. Elmquist, County Administrator, County of Dodge
Bart J. Fischer
Kevin D. Frazell
Clint P. Gridley
Brian W. Heck, City Administrator, City Of Montgomery
Peter J. Herlofsky (Retired)
Jon D. Hohenstein
Jack W. Ingstad, County Administrator, County of Becker
Ronald S. Johnson
Shaunna L. Johnson, City Administrator, City of Waite Park
Steven C. Jones, City Manager, City of Montevideo
Philip M. Kern
Donald C. Lorsung, City Administrator, City of Isanti
Dean R. Lotter
Kristi A. Luger, City Manager, City of Excelsior
Brent D. Mareck, City Administrator, City of Carver
J. Thomas McCarty
Mark H. McNeill, City Administrator, City of Mendota Heights
Melanie D. Mesko Lee
Justin J. Miller
David J. Minke
Michael J. Mornson
Aaron M. Parrish
Calvin P. Portner, City Administrator, City of Elk River
Michael J. Redlinger
Aaron S. Reeves, City Clerk, City of Rochester
Michael R. Rietz
Michael J. Roth, City Administrator, City of Grand Marais
Harry J. Rudberg, City Administrator, Clerk/Treasurer, City of Breezy Point
Charlene R. Stevens
Barry A. Stock
Steven H. Taylor
Jenelle L. Teppen
Kurtis G. Ulrich, City Administrator, City of Ramsey
David J. Unmacht
James D. Verbrugge
Craig A. Waldron (Retired)
Michael B. Williams
Heather M. Worthington, Deputy County Manager, County of Ramsey

Mississippi (2)

Joseph R. Huffman, City Manager, City of Pascagoula
Christopher K. Wilson

Missouri (31)

Edward Beasley (Retired)
Larry N. Blick (Retired)
Mr. John D. Butz, City Administrator, City of Rolla
Stephen Curtis Childers, City Administrator, City of Ozark
Thomas F. Christie (Retired)
Steven S. Crowell, City Administrator, City of Jefferson City
Kirk D. Decker, Assistant City Administrator, City of Grandview
Robert J. Frank, Assistant City Manager, City of Hazelwood
Dennis J. Gehrt
Mr. Allen D. Gill (Retired)
Amy C. Hamilton, City Manager, City of Richmond Heights
Pamela A. Hylton
James S. Krischke, City Administrator, City of Republic
Mark M. Levin
William J. Malinen, City Administrator, City of Branson
Greg D. McDanel (Candidate)
Keith G. Moody
Andrew A. Morris
Melissa Mundt, Assistant County Administrator, Unified Government of Wyandotte County-Kansas City
Adam C. Norris, Deputy City Administrator, City of Blue Springs
Lauren Palmer, City Administrator, City of Parkville
Mark C. Perkins
Collin W. Quigley, Assistant City Manager, City of Springfield
Georgia L. Ragland, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, City of Kirkwood
Mark R. Randall
Stephen C. Rasmussen
John Shaw
Cory Lee Smith
Mr. Gerald C. Smith, Sr., MIT History
Eric M. Sterman
Ronald D. Trivitt, City Manager, City of Belton

Montana (4)

Gregory T. Doyon, City Manager, City of Great Falls
E. Jay Ellington
Chris A. Kukulski, City Manager, City of Bozeman
Doug R. Russell

Nebraska (12)

Christopher Anderson, City Administrator, City of Central City
Brett R Baker
Daniel A. Berlowitz
Scott W. Bovick
Larry D. Burks
J.D. Cox
Brenda Sedlacek Gunn, City Administrator, City of La Vista
Daniel E. Hoins, City Administrator, City of Papillion
Joseph J. Johnson
Christine L. Myers
Alfred C. Vacanti, City Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer, City of Wisner
Kenneth Le Roy Weaver

Nevada (12)

Scott D. Adams, Deputy City Manager, City of Las Vegas
Shaun Carey (Retired)
Stephen W. Driscoll
Bristol S. Ellington
Brenda S. Fischer
Elizabeth Fretwell, City Manager, City of Las Vegas
Timothy R. Hacker, Director of Parks & Recreation, City of Las Vegas
Dana P. Hlavac, Court Administrator, City of Las Vegas
Katy Simon Holland
Shirley D. Hughes
Neil C. Krutz (Candidate)
Richard L. Osborne (Retired)

New Hampshire (14)

Robert M. Belmore, City Manager, City of Somersworth
John P. Bohenko
Barry M. Brenner (Retired)
Pamela L. Brenner
David R. Caron, Town Manager, Town of Jaffrey
Charles E. Connell (Retired)
Blaine M. Cox, Deputy City Manager, City of Rochester
Daniel W. Fitzpatrick
Carol M. Granfield (Retired)
Keith R. Hickey, Town Manager, Town of Salem
John A. MacLean
John F. Scruton
Debra A. Shackett
Dean E. Shankle

New Jersey (10)

Frederick C. Carr, Borough Administrator, Borough of South River
Christopher J. Cotter
Joseph DiGiacomo (Retired)
Gregory C. Fehrenbach (Retired)
Jack P. Layne
Andrew A. Mair, County Administrator, County of Mercer
Michele E. Meade, Township Manager, Township of Livingston
Gregory V. Poff
Richard J. Sheola
Quentin W. Wiest, Business Administrator, City of Hoboken

New Mexico (10)

Arthur H. Burgess, County Administrator, County of Los Alamos
Gustavo Cordova (Retired)
John C. Craig, Deputy City Manager, City of Rio Rancho
Debi L. Lee, Village Manager, Village of Ruidoso
Robert J. Mayes, City Manager, City of Farmington
Richard F. McInturff (Retired)
John J. Murphy
James C. Payne (Retired)
Joshua W. Ray, City Manager, City of Aztec
Maryann I. Ustick, City Manager, City of Gallup

New York (20)

Michael S. Blau
Christopher J. Bradbury, Administrator/Clerk, Village of Rye Brook
Ian M. Coyle
Francis J. Culross (Retired)
Francis A. Frobel
Jay A. Gsell, County Manager, County of Genesee
Richard F. Herbek (Retired)
Kay W. James (Retired)
Michael H. Long
Leonard A. Matarese (Retired)
Dominic F. Mazza (Retired)
Robert D. McEvoy
Jason R. Molino, City Manager, City of Batavia
Martin D. Murphy
Charles Nesbitt, Chief Administrative Officer, County of Orleans
Richard E. Rising (Retired)
Meredith Stengel Robson, Village Manager, Village of Ardsley
Mark L. Ryckman, City Manager, City of Corning
Bryan L. White, Village Manager, Village of Fairport (Candidate)
Donald P. Witkowski, Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer, Village of Hamburg

North Carolina (119)

Raymond I. Allen
David L. Andrews
Louis T. Bailey
Michael J. Bajorek
Kristoff T. Bauer, Deputy City Manager, City of Fayetteville
Douglas O. Bean (Retired)
Mick W. Berry
Willie A. Best (Retired)
James Michael Boaz
Michael Bonfield, City Manager, City of Creedmoor
Thomas Bonfield
J. Robert Boyette, City Manager, City of Marion
Julie M. Brenman
Donald N. Brookshire (Retired)
Tommy R. Burns, Assistant County Manager, County of Wayne
Amy H. Cannon
Ron Carlee
Carolyn H. Carter (Retired)
Anthony Caudle, Deputy City Manager, City of Wilmington
Sterling B. Cheatham
Angela Dawson Christian
Kenneth C. Cole
John F. Connet
Peter T. Connet (Retired)
Stephen Bradley Corcoran, City Manager, City of Eden
Cynthia A. Coto
Chris Coudriet, ICMA-CM
Samuel L. Coxson (Retired)
John A. Crumpton
Eric C. Davis
Joey Davis
Cathy D. Davison (Candidate)
Homer T. Dearmin
Rodney Dickerson, Assistant Town Manager, Town of Garner
Mark F. Donham
Richard A. Douglas
Donald E. Duncan, City Manager, City of Conover
Scott Elliott, County Manager, County of Pitt
David Ellis
Jeff B. Emory, City Manager, City of Lincolnton
William Bowman Ferguson
Michael John Ferris
Dee A. Freeman (Retired)
Mary Sassi Furtado, Assistant County Manager, County of Catawba (Candidate)
A. Lee Galloway (Retired)
Lee D. Garrity
Andrew J. Grant
Kenneth C. Griffin, County Administrator, County of King William
Bryan Gruesbeck
Charles A. Hammond, Town Manager, Town of Ahoskie
Dewey Harris, Assistant County Manager, County of Catawba
David M. Harvell
Gwendolyn P. Harvey (Retired)
Andrew L. Havens
Phillip Hal Hegwer, City Manager, City of Sanford
Randall W. Hemann, Assistant City Manager, City of High Point (Candidate)
William Todd Herms, Town Manager, Town of Maiden
Douglas J. Hewett, Brunswick Regional Water & Sewer
W. Brian Hiatt, City Manager, City of Concord
Scott E. Hildebran, City Manager, City of Lenoir
David P. Hodgkins, Town Manager, Town of Farmville
Tim H. Holloman
C. Jack Horton (Retired)
James R. Howell, City Manager, City of Shelby
Edward D. Humphries (Retired)
Steven C. Husemann (Retired)
Robert C. Hyatt
James A. Inman, City Manager, City of Bessemer City
Barbara A. Jones, City Manager, City of Mount Airy
James E. Justice
Christopher M. Knopf
Seth T. Lawless
Christopher J. Layton, Town Manager, Town of Duck
Barbara W. Lipscomb, City Manager, City of Greenville
Matthew S. Livingston, Town Manager, Town of Wallace
Tasha Logan Ford, Assistant City Manager, City of Rocky Mount
Tom Lundy, County Manager, County of Catawba
Gregory J. Martin, County Manager, County of Bladen
James E. Martin (Retired)
Joseph D. Martin
Michael McLaurin
Adam G. Mitchell
Preston W. Mitchell
Michael JaVan Morgan (Retired)
Thomas M. Moton
Kenneth D. Noland, Town Manager, Town of Wilkesboro
John N. Ogburn
Kipling D. Padgett, City Manager, Town of Wake Forest
Wanda Page
Derwick L. Paige
Martha L. Paige, Town Manager, Town of Morrisville
Reagan D. Parsons
Kevin G. Patterson, County Manager, County of Scotland
Lloyd William Payne, Assistant City Manager, City of Concord
Calvin R. Peck
Charles W. Penny, City Manager, City of Rocky Mount
Michael C. Peoples
William H. Perkins, Town Manager, Town of Lewisville
James B. Perry (Retired)
James D. Prosser
David Shawn Purvis
Jeffrey B. Richardson
Richard B. Self (Retired)
Benjamin T. Shivar
Rochelle Denise Small-Toney, MPA, ICMA-CM
Nat Erskine Smith
Stephen Steese (Candidate)
Steven E. Stewart (Retired)
William R. Summers
Andrea Surratt
David W. Treme (Retired)
Gerald D. Vincent
Theodore L. Voorhees
Hardin Watkins
Barry L. Webb, City Manager, City of Belmont
Warren Wood
Ashley R. Wooten, County Manager, County of McDowell
Edwin L. Worsley
Karl G. Zephir

North Dakota (1)

Shawn Kessel

Ohio (43)

Derek K. Allen, City Manager, City of Portsmouth
Jeff W. Aluotto
Nicole C. Ard
Judith C. Boyko
Doris Burgess Bruck, Assistant City Manager, City of Miamisburg
Michael W. Burns (Retired)
Anthony J. Carson
Bryan R.H. Chodkowski
David Collinsworth
Wayne S. Davis, City Manager, City of Montgomery
Timothy J. Eggleston ICMA-CM
Benjamin R. Estell, Service-Safety Director, Borough of Dormont
Kenneth J. Filipiak
Robert M. Fowler, Director of Public Safety & Services, City of Lorain (Candidate)
Judith A. Gilleland (Retired)
Matthew H. Greeson
Jack C. Haney, City Manager, City of Newton Falls
David D. Hicks, City Manager, City of Moraine
Cheryl Hilvert (Retired)
Michael T. Hinnenkamp, Township Administrator, Township of Springfield
Ray H. Hodges, City Manager, City of Forest Park
Tom Homan
Thomas R. Hoover (Retired)
Gary A. Huff
Kevin Knutson
Matthew J. Kridler (Retired)
David Krings (Retired)
Deborah A. McDonnell
Eric P. Norenberg
Julia D. Novak (Retired)
Christian M. Sigman
Joshua A. Smith (Retired)
Robyn M. Stewart, Assistant City Manager/Economic Development Director, City of Worthington
Scott C. Stiles, City Manager, City of Garden Grove
Christine M. Thompson, Township Administrator, Township of Miami
Patrick E. Titterington
Bradley J. Townsend, City Manager, City of West Carrollton
Bradley C. Vath, Assistant City Manager, City of Tipp City
David Waltz, City Manager, City of Blue Ash
Mark T. Wendling, City Manager, City of Fairfield
Andrew D. White
Glen Tracy Williams (Retired)
Ralph C. Wise

Oklahoma (11)

Howard W. Brown (Candidate)
Jeffery G. Jenkins, Assistant City Manager, City of Broken Arrow
Robert B. Johnston, City Manager, City of Frederick
Pamela J. Polk
Alan Riffel
Carl J. Stephani (Retired)
Craig Stephenson
James M. Twombly
Robert Paul Wherry
Steven C. Whitlock
Timothy J. Young

Oregon (47)

Dan R. Bartlett (Retired)
Robert Bell
Martha J. Bennett, Chief Operating Officer, The Metro Council
Edward Brookshier (Retired)
Stephen W. Bryant (Retired)
Nathan M. Cherpeski, City Manager, City of Klamath Falls
David Clyne, City Manager, City of Independence
Aaron K. Cubic
Scott C. Derickson
Christopher C. Eppley, City Manager, City of Keizer
Ronald W. Foggin
Robert G. Francis
David W. Frasher
Joseph P. Gall
Gene E. Green
William P. Grile (Retired)
Gino C. Grimaldi
Wes Hare, City Manager, City of Albany
Jay A. Henry
James A. Hough (Retired)
Erik Kvarsten, City Manager, City of Gresham
Scott D. Lazenby, City Manager, City of Lake Oswego
Sherilyn Lombos
John R. Longley
Benjamin B. Marchant, City Manager, City of Coquille (Candidate)
Craig M. Martin
Richard A. Mays
David Meriwether
Gary D. Milliman
Bill A. Monahan
Spencer R. Nebel
Jon S. Nelson (Retired)
William A. Peterson
David D. Reeves, Assistant City Manager, City of Grants Pass
Jon R. Ruiz, City Manager, City of Eugene
Laurel Samson (Retired)
Arthur J. Schmidt (Retired)
Byron D. Smith
Scott Somers
Eileen F. Stein, City Manager, City of Mount Angel
P. Eric Swanson
Michael J. Sykes, City Manager, City of Scappoose
Jeffrey R. Towery, Assistant City Manager, City of Springfield
Jason Tuck, City Manager, City of Happy Valley
Craig R. Ward
Martha Wine
Paul H. Wyntergreen, City Manager, City of Tillamook

Pennsylvania (43)

Scott J. Andrejchak
Bruce Beitel, Assistant Township Manager, Township of Hempfield
Marshall W. Bond (Retired)
Adam T. Brumbaugh
David R. Burman, Township Manager, Township of Willistown
Matthew H. Candland, Borough Manager, Borough of Carlisle
Tobias M. Cordek
Kristen Denne
Benjamin R. Estell, Service-Safety Director, Borough of Dormont
Louis Fazekas, Township Manager, Township of Upper Allen
Stephen M. Feller
Kurt M. Ferguson, Township Manager, Newtown Township
Denise H. Fitzgerald
Mark Flanders, Borough Manager, Borough of Pottstown (Candidate)
Kevin M. Flannery, Borough Manager, Borough of Sewickley
Thomas Fountaine
Richard Gestrich, ICMA-CM, Township Manager, Township of Lower Providence
Anthony T. Hamaday
Robert E. Ihlein
Crandall O. Jones, Municipal Administrator, Borough of Norristown
Joseph M. Kauer, Borough Manager, Borough of Ambridge
Anne W. Klepfer
David W. Kratzer, Township Manager, Township of Penn
Mark A. Kunkle, Township Manager, Township of Ferguson
Stephanie J. Mason, Township Manager, Township of Doylestown
Daniel J. Mator, Township Manager, Township of West Deer
Carolyn McCreary, Township Manager, Township of Plumstead
Ernie B. McNeely, Township Manager, Township of Lower Merion
Steven J. Morus, Borough Manager, Borough of Forest Hills
Jeffrey I. Naftal
John B. Nagel, Township Manager, Township of East Whiteland
Albert M. Penksa
Michael D. Rimer
Paul D. Sharon (Retired)
John M. Shepherd, Township Manager, Township of North Huntingdon
Richard J. Stadler (Retired)
Jeffrey M. Stonehill, Borough Manager/Director of Utilities, Borough of Chambersburg
Marcia L. Taylor (Retired)
Timothy J. Tieperman
Benedict G. Vinzani
Ronald G. Wagenmann (Retired)
George S. Wolfe
James W. Zumwalt

Rhode Island (4)

Richard M. Brown, Town Administrator, Town of Somerset
Thomas R. Hoover (Retired)
Derrik M. Kennedy, Town Manager, Town of Westerly (Candidate)
John C. Klimm, City Manager, City of Aiken

South Carolina (25)

Eric G. Budds (Retired)
Michael J. Czymbor
Eric M. DeMoura, Town Administrator, Town of Mount Pleasant
Edward R. Driggers
Christopher D. Eldridge, County Administrator, County of Horry
Andrew P. Fulghum, County Administrator, County of Jasper
Charles S. Funderburk
Todd Glover
Shaun M. Greenwood
John D. Hanson, Director of Planning, Building, and Technology, Town of Lexington
Jeffrey Molinari, City Manager, City of Walterboro
Marc A. Orlando
Stephen G. Riley
Tumiko R. Rucker
Brian A. Sanders, Assistant County Administrator, County of Aiken
William P. Shanahan
Jonathan F. Simons, Assistant City Manager, City of Myrtle Beach
Jeffrey S. Slatton (Retired)
Richard A. Starks (Retired)
Stephen Steese (Candidate)
Frank N. Stovall
J. William Taylor (Retired)
Rebecca Vance, City Manager, City of Cayce
Anne Kelly Wright
Natalie M. Zeigler, City Manager, City of Hartsville

South Dakota (3)

Joseph W. Neeb, City Administrator, City of Spearfish
John C. Prescott, City Manager, City of Vermillion
Jeffrey W. Weldon

Tennessee (15)

Jeffrey Broughton
Pamela S. Caskie
Anthony W. Cox, City Administrator, City of Morristown
Vernon J. Gerth, Assistant City Administrator for Community & Economic Development, City of Franklin
Kevin L. Helms
Patrick J. Lawton, City Administrator, City of Germantown
Caryn S. Miller, City Manager, City of Millersville
Jack E. Miller
Paul J. Nutting, City Manager, City of Springfield
Gary M. Palmer
Ted A Rogers, City Manager, City of Collegedale
C. Seth Sumner, Assistant City Manager, City of Savannah (Candidate)
Steven Terry Thompson
Michael W. Walker (Retired)
Mark S. Watson

Texas (89)

Allen L. Barnes
Linda M. Barton (Retired)
Jim C. Blagg (Retired)
Ron P. Bottoms
Jeff D. Braun, Emergency Management Coordinator, County of Fort Bend
Laurie Brewer, Assistant City Manager, City of Georgetown (Candidate)
Michael C. Brice
Edward A. Broussard
Thomas E. Brymer, Town Manager, Town of Westlake
Amy M. Buckert
Eric D. Campbell, Assistant City Manager, City of Dallas
Kevin Carruth, City Manager, City of Rockport
Norbert M. Castro, City Manager, City of Jersey Village
Dale Cheatham
Rickey Childers (Retired)
Michael A. Conduff (Retired)
Ricardo T. Cortes, Assistant City Manager, City of Seguin
John R. Dean, City Manager, City of Pilot Point
Amanda DeGan
William A. DiLibero
Anna L. Doll
Joseph Dunn
E. Jay Ellington
Jennifer Fadden, City Manager, City of Colleyville
Stan R. Farmer, City Manager, City of Horseshoe Bay
James Fisher
Jon E. Fortune
Ms. Charmelle Garrett, City Manager, City of Victoria
David Gattis
Richard Gertson
Gary D. Greer
Linda T. Groomer (Retired)
Jack S. Hamlett, City Manager, City of Beeville
Robert Paul Hanna
Jack M. Harper
David J. Harris
Bob Hart
Henry J. Hill, Deputy City Manager, City of Frisco
Mr. Christopher B. Hillman, City Manager, City of Irving
Blaine R. Hinds (Retired)
John D. Hobson, City Manager, City of Sinton
Mike Hodge, City Manager, City of Marble Falls
Kevin Hugman, City Manager, City of Duncanville
Michael S. Land
Michelle R. Leftwich
Darron J. Leiker, City Manager, City of Wichita Falls
Jason Little, City Manager, City of Melissa
Theodore (Bob) Robert Livingston (Retired)
Bert Lumbreras
Mindy Manson, City Manager, City of Wylie
Opal D. Mauldin-Robertson
Mark L. McDaniel, Assistant City Manager, City of Dallas
Jerry McGuire (Retired)
Daniel A. Miles, City Manager, City of Hewitt
David S. Morgan
Thomas Muehlenbeck (Retired)
Matt Mueller, Town Manager, Town of Little Elm
Leonardo Olivares
Ronald L. Olson, City Manager, City of Corpus Christi
Larry R. Pannell (Candidate)
Paul L. Parker (Retired)
George Patterson (Retired)
Clay Phillips
Gregory M. Porter, City Manager, City of Cedar Hill
Joseph S. Portugal
Troy Charles Powell
Julie M. Robinson, City Administrator, City of Dickinson
Margie C. Rose, Deputy City Manager, City of Corpus Christi
Philip S. Sanders
Curtis A. Schrader
Stephen H. Seidel
J. Scott Sellers
Michele Siemer
Shanna N. Sims-Bradish
James M. Stathatos, Town Manager, Town of Flower Mound
James J. Stokes
Jeffrey J. Straub
Ben Thatcher
Susan K. Thorpe
David A. Vela
Paul Virgadamo
Melissa Byrne Vossmer, ICMA-CM, City Manager, City of Lago Vista
L. Scott Wall, City Manager, City of Crandall
John A. Whitson, City Manager, City of Texarkana
Ronald K. Wilde, City Administrator, City of Jonestown (Retired)
Robert J. Wood
Keith N. Wright, City Manager, City of Lufkin
Shana Yelverton, City Manager, City of Southlake
Trey Yelverton, City Manager, City of Arlington

Utah (15)

Jon J. Allen
Roger Carter, City Manager, City of Washington
Mark J. Christensen
J. Scott Darrington, City Administrator, City of Pleasant Grove
James P. Davidson, City Manager, City of Orem
Richard L. Davis, City Manager, City of Baytown
Edward O. Dickie, City Manager, City of Santa Clara
Matthew J. Dixon, City Manager, City of South Ogden
Thomas L. Hanson
Byron D. Jorgenson, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Sandy City
Spencer Kyle
Wayne C. Parker
Rondall V. Phillips (Retired)
Benjamin Alan Reeves
Rodger S. Worthen

Vermont (2)

William J. Fraser, City Manager, City of Montpelier
Charles M. Safford, Town Manager, Town of Stowe

Virginia (65)

Wayne Bowers, Director of Economic Development, City of Roanoke (Retired)
Mary B. Bunting
Gerald A. Burgess (Retired)
Joseph P. Casey
Kenneth L. Chandler
John Patrick Childs
Melinda Moran Conner, County Administrator, County of Mathews
Samuel L. Coxson (Retired)
Edwin C. Daley
Daryl Todd Day
Rebecca T. Dickson, County Administrator, County of Goochland
Clifton James Ervin
Joshua S. Farrar, Deputy Town Manager & Finance Director, Town of Ashland
Timothy Fitzgerald, Director of Community Development, County of Augusta
Laura A. Fitzpatrick, Assistant City Manager, City of Hampton
Shannon Flanagan-Watson
Bryan D. Foster
Brenda G. Garton
Craig S. Gerhart (Retired)
Anthony H. Griffin (Retired)
Kenneth C. Griffin, County Administrator, County of King William
Ray Griffin (Retired)
Cecil R. Harris, County Administrator, County of Hanover
Barry D. Helms, Town Manager, Town of Christiansburg
Timothy D. Hemstreet, County Administrator, County of Loudoun
Catherine M. Heritage, Deputy County Administrator, County of Fauquier
Douglas J. Hewett, Brunswick Regional Water & Sewer
Jack Hobbs
Kurt Hodgen, City Manager, City of Harrisonburg
Peter M. Huber, County Administrator, County of Pulaski
James A. Jackson, Director, Department of Public Works, City of Richmond (Candidate)
Gregory W. Kelly
Ken F. Larking, Deputy City Manager, City of Danville
Louis G. Lassiter, Assistant County Administrator, County of Chesterfield
Anne Lewis
Robert W. Lohr, Town Manager, Town of Purcellville
Franklin C. Meadows
Lucinda L. Mester
Robert C. Middaugh, Assistant County Administrator, County of Loudoun
Jodi Miller
Michael Moon
Mr. Christopher P. Morrill, City Manager, City of Roanoke
Daniel O'Donnell
Anne F. Odell (Retired)
Stephen F. Owen
William Patrick Pate, City Manager, City of Manassas
Kimball Payne
Reese Peck (Candidate)
Anthony J. Romanello
Steven Ross
Noah A. Simon, City Manager, City of Lexington
Michael R. Stallings, Town Manager, Town of Windsor
Douglas P. Stanley, County Administrator, County of Warren
Peter M. Stephenson, Town Manager, Town of Smithfield
Bonnie Svrcek
Jonathan D. Sweet, County Administrator, County of Grayson
Brian S. Thrower, City Manager, City of Emporia
Zach Trogdon, County Administrator, County of Charles City
Jackson C. Tuttle
Marc Verniel
Kenneth F. Vittum
Sanford B. Wanner (Retired)
Barrett F. Warner
D. Mark Whitley
Charles Yudd

Washington (29)

Jon M. Amundson (Candidate)
Ronald E. Bartels (Retired)
Marilynne M. Beard
Eron M. Berg
Ron S. Bergman (Retired)
T.C. Broadnax
John J. Caulfield, City Manager, City of Lakewood
John T. Doan, City Administrator, City of Tumwater
Paul L. Ellis, City Administrator, City of Arlington
Robert D. Hill, City Manager, City of Centralia
Mark E. Hoppen (Retired)
Leon Kos (Retired)
Mark R. Lauzier
Derek M. Matheson
William R. McDonald (Retired)
David R. Mercier, Deputy City Manager, City of Vancouver
Douglas A. Merriman, City Administrator, City of Oak Harbor
Emily C. Moon
Matthew T. Morton
Andrew E. Neiditz
Lynn K. Nordby (Retired)
Douglas J. Schulze
John F. Sherman (Retired)
Patrick F. Sorensen, General Manager, Lake Whatcom Water & Sewer District
Robert Stowe
Albert Lee Tripp, City Manager, City of Airway Heights
Gwen M. Voelpel
Michael R. Wilson
Gregory Allyn Young, City Administrator, City of Ferndale

West Virginia (4)

Michael W. Doss
A. Kim Haws, City Manager, City of Bridgeport
Martin G. Howe
Jeff Mikorski, City Manager, City of Morgantown

Wisconsin (40)

Larry N. Arft (Retired)
Barbara S. Blumenfield (Retired)
William M. Burns, City Administrator, City of Verona
Patrick A. Cannon (Retired)
David E. Cox, Village Administrator, Village of Hartland
Jim Culotta
Lawrence M. Delo, City Administrator, City of De Pere
Edward A. Geick, City Administrator, City of Baraboo
Angela M. Gorall
Duane A. Hebert
Darrell Hofland
Michael W. Huggins
William H. Jones
Scott J. Kluver
Linda K. Kutchenriter, City Administrator-Clerk/Treasurer, City of Omro
Tammy A. LaBorde, City Administrator, City of Pewaukee
Kevin M. Lahner
Patrick S. Marsh
Steven C. O'Malley
Aaron Oppenheimer
Andrew K. Pederson
Dale Peters
Denise M. Pieroni, City Administrator, City of Delavan
Tim L. Rhode, City Administrator, City of St. Francis
Gaylene S. Rhoden, Town Administrator, Town of Rib Mountain
David M. Ross
Kathryn A. Schauf
David R. Schornack, Village Administrator, Village of Germantown
Timothy W. Schuenke (Retired)
Scot E. Simpson
Jeremy J. Smith
Curtis E. Snyder, City Administrator, City of Rice Lake
M. Chris Swartz, Village Manager, Village of Shorewood
David C. Tebo, Town Administrator, Town of Greenville
Jesse R. Thyes
Russell Van Gompel
Steven D. Wilke, City Manager, City of Lake Mills
Brian M. Wilson, Town Administrator, Town of Beloit
Kenneth L. Witt, City Administrator, City of Reedsburg
Brian E. Yerges

Wyoming (4)

Bobbe K. Fitzhugh (Retired)
John C. Patterson (Retired)
Anthony L. Tolstedt ICMA-CM, City Administrator, City of Douglas
Steven M. Weaver


New South Wales

Michael Willis


Dennis A. Hovenden, Chief Executive Officer, Frankston City Council



Simon Farbrother
Marc Landry, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Beaumont


Anne Louise Heron


Roy W. Hardy


Lori LaVerriere


Lori LaVerriere


Roger J.B. Morris

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