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June 2008 · Volume 90 · Number 5

Getting Your Priorities Straight

The true crisis governments face is hardly fiscal; it's a crisis of priorities. How strategic are local government professionals about understanding what they do, why they do it, and (in times of scarcity as well as abundance) how they should invest resources to achieve the results their communities need? While focusing on priorities sometimes takes a back seat to other issues during times of fiscal stress, it’s actually even more critical to make prioritization a top priority. 
Chris Fabian, Jefferson County, Colorado; Scott Collins, City and County of Denver, Colorado, and Jon Johnson, Jefferson County, Colorado.
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Personal Liability and the Public Manager: Guarding Against the Lawsuit with Your Name on It*

Do you subscribe to the theory that the terms “individual liability” and “local government manager” are never used in the same sentence? 
Joseph Jarret, Powell, Tennessee.
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Congress Gives Retirement Plan Fee Disclosure a Closer Look

Every employer is concerned about choosing the right retirement plan provider for the employee retirement plan. But there should be no question about the amount of disclosure on fees and expenses that is provided to employers and participants. Several legislative proposals are on the table. 
Gregory Dyson, Washington, D.C.
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A 30,000-Foot View: Visioning Sets the Way*

The best way for a community to face change is to manage it through the use of visioning. 
Claire Baldwin, Palm Bay, Florida.
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Ethical Leadership 



On Hiring Generation Y
Inspirations for the Local Government Employee
When Push Came to Shove: Insourcing and Weston, Florida’s Reaction to Legislatively Mandated Revenue Shortfalls
What’s In It for Me? How Preparing the Next Generation Pays Dividends for Emerging and Experienced Leaders 


Lane Bailey, Lenoir, North Carolina 


Image Busters 


13 Steps for a Smoother Transition to Performance-Based Pay 

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