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August 2008 · Volume 90 · Number 7

Taking Stock of the Council-Manager Form at 100

With the hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the city manager position in Staunton, Virginia, which ultimately led to the council-manager form of government, it is appropriate to take stock of what the form means, its current status in local government, and its continuing significance. Some suggest that the time of substantial growth for the C-M form is over (and reversals may be coming) and that changes in structure and politics make the council-manager and mayor-council forms indistinguishable. But arguments presented in this article are that the C-M form continues to make a difference and its use is still growing. 
James H. Svara, Phoenix, Arizona, and Kimberly L. Nelson, DeKalb, Illinois.
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Best Practices to Achieve Vibrant Main Streets*

What makes a main street so captivating and inviting that people are drawn to it? 
Dan Burden, Orlando, Florida.
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State-of-the-Art Roads Management in Michigan*

Software and satellite and wireless technology are being used for road maintenance, fleet management, and cost reduction in a Michigan community. 
Margaret Ray, James Jackson, and Craig Garrett, Wayne County, Michigan.
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Seaside Is Embracing Diversity, Creating Opportunity*

Here’s a city that is identifying and acknowledging the communities of color that dominate its population. 
Carol Lynn McKibben, Seaside, California.
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PM’s Web Site This Month Features This Exclusive Article

Reducing Violent Crime and Building Trust: The White Plains Experience

The White Plains, New York, police department did not let a series of violent crimes several years ago define the city or allow gang activity to take hold. The police department took the lead, adopting a strong approach to end the violence, and it also built effective and sustained partnerships comprising the police, the community, and other government agency partnerships during the past six years. 
Frank Straub, Ph.D., is the commissioner of public safety for the city of White Plains, New York.
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Ethical Considerations for Interim Managers 


On Retirement

Vantagepoint Public Employee Memorial Scholarship Recipients Honored 


John Maltbie, San Mateo County, California 

Director's Desk*

Acting to Coordinate Emergency Management 


Benchmark Risk Management Programs
The History of Parking Garages Points to Sustainable Designs for the Future
Sandy Springs, Georgia’s Service Delivery Model
National Hazardous Materials Fusion Center 


People Smart: Developing Your Interpersonal Intelligence 


Annual Swimming Pool Issue, Better Than Ever! 

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