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July 2011 · Volume 93 · Number 6

Management Matters in Three Acts

Find out how to handle three sticky situations that might take place at your organization. 
Rebecca Ryan, Madison, Wisconsin.
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Conventional and Unconventional Approaches to Sustainability*

What survey results show about leading sustainability practices. 
Evelina Moulder and Ron Carlee, Washington, D.C.
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Owning the Higher Ground*

How to maintain civil discourse when others don't. 
Daven Morrison, Palatine, Illinois, and David Limardi, Highland Park, Illinois.
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American Dream vs. American Responsibilities*

Lessons learned from a global 5months5cities project. 
Rafal Hejne, Camden, United Kingdom.
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PM's Website This Month Features These Exclusive Articles:

Best Practices in Shared Services

What managers can consider for quality and efficiency. 
Richard Dale, Cranbury, New Jersey.
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An Objective Approach to Economic Development

Four stages of civic condition explain the ultimate foundation for community and economic development success. 
Brian Cole, Baker City, Oregon.
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Ethics Matter!

Principles Challenged 

On Point

What Decision Would You Take Back? 



Words of Experience 

Management Minute*

Extend Your Professionalism
New DOJ Rules on Service Dogs
Grants Available for Volunteer Service Events on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 

Checked Out

Blueprint for Building Community: Leadership Insights for Good Government 

Short Story

Baptism by Fire 

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