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December 2011 · Volume 93 · Number 11

Flash Mobs: The Newest Threat to Local Governments

Flash mob crime has increased over the past year and is of growing concern in communities throughout the nation. 
Linda Kiltz, Corpus Christi, Texas.
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Plan, Perform, Review, Repeat*

Creating a productive culture can be excruciatingly difficult but ultimately worth it. 
Cynthia Johnson, Richland, Washington, and Marnie Green, Chandler, Arizona.
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Process Improvement, No Problem

Find out how 311/CRM data can reengineer local service delivery. 
David Eichenthal, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Cory Fleming, Washington, D.C.
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True North Groups: Leadership Development for the 21st Century*

A new style of leadership is explained in this article—one that is about values, collaboration, and empowering others. 
Bill George, Boston, Massachusetts.
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PM's Website This Month Features This Exclusive Article:

What Managers Need to Know About Cognitive Biases

Recognizing and compensating for people’s cognitive biases will make our decisions more richly informed and more likely to advance the public good. 
Neal Beets, Windham, Connecticut.
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Ethics Matter!

Gifts and Gratuities 

On Point

Can You Achieve Work-Life Balance? 



County Government: A Veteran's View from the Other Side
Property Values Strategy 

Short Story*

What Must We Do to Achieve Consensus? 

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