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August 2012 · Volume 94 · Number 7

Break the Boom and Bust Cycle

This article focuses on how to counter declining property tax revenues. The authors show how communities can discourage land speculation and thereby reduce the distance between the peaks and valleys of land values throughout economic cycles. This technique also helps maximize job creation and housing affordability while minimizing local government costs by reducing sprawl.  
Rick Rybeck and Walt Rybeck, Washington, D.C.
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Resident Engagement Reaps Rewards

How a vital city bridge was built without any local, state, or federal money. 
Evelina Moulder, Washington, D.C.
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Special Report: Ultraland Japan

ICMA International Committee’s study tour found that Japan shows resilience in the face of ultrachallenges. 
Clay Pearson, Novi, Michigan, and Bill Hammon, Alcoa, Tennessee.
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PM's Website This Month Features This Exclusive Article:

Costs Reasonably Borne

This article is adapted from the author’s book, Consumer Government via the Art of Full Disclosure, which offers financial solutions based on the business model of service and goods for a price. 
Doug Ayres, Sedona, Arizona.
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What Would You Do? 

On Point

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The Trust Deficit 

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