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September 2012 · Volume 94 · Number 8

Seeing Things Differently

Priority-based budgeting has proven to be successful in local governments that have chosen to follow this initiative. The challenges and fiscal stress that local governments are facing have made it difficult to clearly "see straight" and identify their options. Through the unique lens of priority-based budgeting, local governments are able to focus on a new way of looking at things and those who have implemented it are making significant breakthroughs. 
Jon Johnson and Chris Fabian, Denver, Colorado.
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First Step in Creating a Broadband Safety Network*

D-block, a portion of broadband spectrum, has been allocated to public safety in the United States. 
Alex Brown, Washington, D.C.
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Keeping Cops Safe on the Road*

Why police driver training needs to be a community priority.  
Eric Peterson, Hillsborough, North Carolina, and Travis Yates, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
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Strategic Public Policy Development: A New Transformation*

How to develop a thoughtful, consistent approach to policy development.  
Mike Letcher, Atlanta, Georgia.
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PM's Website This Month Features These Exclusive Articles:

Inside/Outside: The Hiring Options

Filling a vacant position internally or bringing in someone from outside the organization—either course of action has valid reasons.  
Doug Miller, Aberdeen, Maryland; Clay Pearson, Novi, Michigan, and Catherine Tuck Parrish, Rockville, Maryland.
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Turning the Economic Tide through Energy Service Contracts

Using energy service contracts is a proven energy-savings model. 
Blake Ratcliff, Ashburn, Virginia.
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Ethics Matter!*

Democracy in Action 

On Point

How Do You Maintain Control and Balance?  


Tech Touch*

Cutting-edge Resident Services in Denmark 

Checked Out*

Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World 

Management Minute*

Staying Informed of Solid-Waste Disposal Options
Do’s and Don’ts with Elected Officials  

Solar Communities

Partnering with Solar Providers 

Short Story*

Take a Bus, Maybe! 

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