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May 2013 · Volume 95 · Number 4

The Seasoned Manager Skill Set

When we’re more effective at work, everything changes. Leaders value us and set us up for success. Coworkers like us and want to help us. Customers like us and keep doing business with us. All of these conditions work together to make us happy on the job—and when we’re happy on the job, we’re happy at home. Discover 12 work-life facts that managers can use to their advantage.  
Quint Studer, Gulf Breeze, Florida.
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Rural Sustainability

Factors and resources for communities to consider.  
Anna Read, Jefferson City, Missouri.
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The Power of Storytelling *

Why becoming a storyteller can make you a better manager. 
Mike Scanlon, Basalt, Colorado.
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PM's Website This Month Features These Exclusive Articles:

Magnifying Local Energy Savings

How one energy savings tool helped a city and a county boost sustainability efforts.  
Katherine Takai, Washington, D.C.
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Improve Your Workers’ Compensation Bottom Line

Learn eight ways to overhaul the claims process.  
Peter Cheney, Nevada County, California.
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What Matters Most to Public Administrators

A study of two magazines, including PM, tracks key issues.  
Pamela Gibson, Troy, Alabama, and Diana Deadrick, Norfolk, Virginia.
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Ethics Matter!*

Everyday Ethical Challenges 

President's Focus*

Defying Gravity 

On Point

How do you get constructive feedback from your management team members? 



Weathering the Storm 

Management Minute*

10 Tips for a New Manager
Keep Your Smartphone Out of Bed 

Council Relations

Governance Insights on the Back of a Horse 

Innovation Edge

Second Chance Communities  

Short Story*

Being a Clown Helps Me Manage 

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